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January 9, 2016: South Coast

By 11:21 PM

Ben and I have officially run out of things to do (and money to spend). However, we still wanted to do something new to finish off winter break in a memorable way. I hadn't been to South Coast Plaza since I was really little, so we decided to take advantage of the minimal Saturday traffic and drive to Costa Mesa. Before leaving, we dropped Camille off at dance and stopped at Half & Half a mile away. Side story - when we first started getting to know each other during our Spanish video project, Ben took us to Half & Half for the first time. When we hung out alone (oooOoooOoo0h) in the summer, we went to Half & Half. And, throughout our relationship for the past two years, we've been getting Half & Half every now and then. Honestly, it's not really significant or related, but I just think it's kind of funny. (P.s. Every time, I've gotten the same exact thing - iced milk drink with pudding and honey boba. It never disappoints ^-^.)


Although I had no intention of spending anything, browsing through all these rich-ass stores was pretty entertaining for me. I didn't really take photos since we kind of just made a round at each store, stopped at something we liked for a few seconds, and made our way out, trying our best to avoid the salespeople. If I recall correctly, we went through Tory Burch, Nordstrom, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors (where the lady told me a trenchcoat is a staple to any woman's wardrobe and that Ben would buy me anything in the store), Nike, and this interesting USC Collection store (which was just a small version of the bookstore), Zara, Sears (lmao, Ben wanted to look at exercise equipment). We only spent a couple hours looking around, but I was dying inside at everything I saw. I also made Ben take some cheesy ass photos of me smiling simply at the camera in front of fashion quotes near the Sears, pictured above...haha.

We then stopped at Rubio's for some fish tacos, Starbucks, where I tried the strawberry acai refresher with lemonade (soooo000oo bomb), and then TJ Maxx. I've really been needing some new sunglasses and workout leggings, but honestly, my bank account isn't even ready for that right now. :( Christmas and Winter break took all of my money, a part of me can't wait to get working again..

After we picked Camille up from dance, I decided to let Ben show me a Star Wars Movie - we watched Episode IV, and I surprisingly didn't fall asleep or lose interest for the majority of the time. I think watching the latest Star Wars definitely made me more intrigued and curious about the other movies. Even though Ben got annoyed with my questions because he thought they were too simple, I was just trying to keep my attention and tbh, I was happy to be learning more about the hype.

My dad ordered us Domino's for dinner. Afterward, we played some rounds of 5 Second Rule & Uno. Ben is the worst when it comes to these games - he is so competitive and gets so angry when he starts to lose. It makes me want to punch him in the face. But then I get over it.

I'm soooo sad winter break is coming to an end. I feel like I definitely took no obligations, sleeping in, eating out everyday for granted. I just hope this next semester goes by fast - I feel like I have my priorities set differently for the next couple months, and I'll be more focused on school than anything else. 

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