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January 6, 2016: Soup and Shoes and S'mores

By 11:06 PM

Boiling Point has become so much more popular these past couple of months! It's so weird to see insta posts and snapchats of it when my mom & her friends have been going for a few years now. My mom first introduced it to me, and since then, it's one of our favorite lunch spots to dine at before we go pick up my little sisters. There's not a lot of carbs involved but all the flavors of vegetables, meats, and spices boiling together work together for such a yummy meal. Plus, it's not at all pricey - $11.99 for tea, the hot pot, and rice/noodles! It was also raining for the second day in a row, so it was nice to leave our umbrella at the door and enjoy some hot soup ^_^

After lunch, we stopped at a nearby Forever 21 for these tan booties I've been "next time"-ing all fall. I haven't really shopped at Forever (or shopped at all for clothes really) in these past few months just because I've been drawn more towards purses due to Christmas and my birthday, but I found myself splurging on a sturdy tan rain coat and some spring clothes in the sale section ($6.99 each for maxi dresses + jumpsuits!).

Later that afternoon, we also went to DSW to browse while Camille was at gymnastics. I almost bought new Nike running shoes but decided against it for the time being, since I wasn't sure if I agreed with any of the colors or styles. I haven't been into Nikes since I was in the 6th grade, so my newfound interest in them prompts me to research a little more into online sales or outlet malls.

Thrifted Poncho from Grandma's Closet
Micheal Kors Selma Leather Medium Satchel
Cathy Jean Lace Up Lug Sole Bootie

While the sun was setting, I made Ben hop out of the car to snap some photos of me in the rain. My poncho was actually my grandma's, but since it's not exactly her style, she offered it to me on Christmas Eve. I'm not sure where it's from, but it's super comfortable. I bought the pink fur pom pom for a third of its price at DSW earlier today! I was toggling between the red, black, and pink, but I decided to go with pink since I felt it's been missing from my wardrobe lately. Plus, I think it goes well with my black Michael Kors bag. While I've been straying away from this designer in particular this past year because of its commonness and popularity (and, ngl, knockoff designs), I fell in love with this design when I saw it a couple months ago, even if it an old style. It's so easy to take everywhere, and I usually carry huge purses, so this is a nice change. I was so happy when my mom gifted it to me for Christmas. My black boots are by Cathy Jean and I have been loving them so much this past winter! I feel like they are more edgy than most of my wardrobe, and the style of these shoes has inspired me to broaden my boot collection to more heeled booties. Cathy Jean has been so good to me over the years - her shoes are not only more durable than others, but also more affordable.

I've also been curling the ends of my hair inwards lately, just to give it more bounce and style. It also makes my balayage color pop, since I feel like most of the light hair faces inward. 


Clearly, when I told Ben to take candid photos of me, he took it way too literally. When I was done posing, he snapped shots of me walking back to the car, putting the umbrella away, and getting in the passenger seat, leaving me with 30 extra photos than I bargained for.. 
1- me yelling at Ben to stop taking photos, 2- me proceeding to walk to vehicle, 3- me putting umbrella away, 4- me telling my mom that ben take too many photos


After eating sinigang, a sour Filipino soup, I felt like I needed something sweet to please my palate. Luckily, we had a s'mores kit sitting around from White Elephant on Christmas Eve. Ben masterfully put Nutella rather than Hershey's Chocolate on his, and while he was pleased by his creation, I sampled it and decided I'd rather stick with the original. P.S. Tori's crying because her marshmallow keeps catching on fire.

Yay thanks for reading ^-^ I promise I'll do more exciting stuff, but I hope you've enjoyed reading about my life so far :).

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