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December 31, 2015 (flashback): Do It For The Insta

By 9:43 PM

Hoping to commemorate the last day of 2015 in the most instagram-worthy way possible, I (literally, almost) dragged Ben and my sisters to LACMA. If I was being honest, I would tell you that what I was really searching for was a mirror to take an aesthetic end of the year selfie with the hopes of not being too obnoxiously narcissistic. But I so know how everyone (including my sisters  appreciates a good instagram feed, so let's say I was doing it out of the generosity of my heart.

After venturing around 12 noon, Ben insisted we grab something to eat before we head to the contemporary art museum. Having realized we hadn't been to Urth since the summer, I suggested we make the most of the opportunity of being in the area and dine at one of our favorite LA eateries. Ben and I have been Urth regulars since 2013, but we usually stick with the usual meal - a d'lox pizza and a green tea boba, blended (*as basic of an order as it can get). Since Tori & Camille had never been, I decided it was an opportune moment to show them the organic hub. They were not displeased - Camille downed a kids' mac and cheese platter while Tori tried the d'lox along with a thai red tea blended boba. I also discovered that Camille likes Thai tea, even though she insists on ordering cookies and cream shake at every boba place we go to.

After our lunch, we finally made it to LACMA around 2:30, and, to nobody's surprise, we rushed to the infamous urban lights for our first photographs. If I'm not mistaken, these were featured in Friends Without Benefits (or was it No Strings Attached? I always get the two mixed up..), and though she wasn't there at the time, I recalled my mom insisting I take her there for a photoshoot one of these days. In fact, these photos turned out so nice that we almost decided to save our money and forgo the museum itself.

Alas, I couldn't deny the opportunity to at least explore the exhibits, since we had driven to LA for this. We purchased our tickets and I was so happy to know that kids under 17 were free, meaning it came to $20 for the four of us, not lightening our wallet too dramatically. Also, if we had waited until 3, Ben and I would have also been free with our LA resident ID Since we were on a time crunch, I grudgingly purchased our tickets 30 minutes before this discount applied.


While the grounds offered an array of aesthetic backdrops and captivating art pieces, a mirror was not found, and my so-desired selfie was not taken. However, time was not at all wasted! I, along with all of the 5 years olds around me, was pleased by Jesus Rafael Soto's "Penetrable", more infamously known as the yellow string in everyone's LACMA insta. We enjoyed most of the exhibits, but after an hour or so, I could tell Camille especially was getting tired of the art. After all, an 11-year-old in this age can only be visually stimulated for so long. 


At the end of our time, we did get a lot of great photos, and I found the LACMA to be more interesting and exciting than The Broad or The Getty Museum. Plus, I truly love spending time with my little sisters - I find them funny and easygoing, and sometimes I just wanna hug Camille until she dies (hehe..). I love that Ben and I can play such huge roles in their lives, as they can in ours as well. Though we hit LA traffic on the way home, I think we spent the last day of 2015 well, ending our night with a family party to ring in 2016.

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