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January 5, 2016: For All The Times You Rain on My Parade

By 10:09 PM

While exploring new places and theme parks and outdoor shopping centers is certainly one of our favorite winter break pastimes, the downpour today prompted us to enjoy our day on a more local scale. Though the rain isn't entirely inconvenient, sometimes it's just nice to check out a local eatery or activity in the area - after all, we as students must choose to live humbly here and there ;). 


While browsing my instagram the night before, I couldn't help but notice how delicious @dinela's photo of flat noodles at Xi An Wei in Diamond Bar looked. We decided to try it for ourselves. As we drove, Ben noted his mild fear that the workers wouldn't speak English and that the menu would be entirely in Chinese. The restaurant was located in one of the notably Asian complexes in Diamond Bar, so I was sure his assumption would be correct. However, when we ventured in, we were greeted in English and were given a menu with translations to what each of the foods were. Ben ordered the "biang biang" dish (the one I had seen on instagram), beef rice noodle soup, and a Chinese hamburger. Having not eaten such authentic Chinese food in a while, the flavors really impressed me! I would definitely return - I was scarfing down the noodles to the bottom of the bowl.

Afterwards, we went to pick up my little sisters from middle school. Having time to kill, we stopped at a nearby boba shop and luckily discovered some Uno cards, eliciting us to play a couple rounds.With our honeydew milk tea, hazelnut milk tea, boba milk tea, and taro slush on our table, we played for about half an hour. Camille soon realized Ben's tricks and got anxiously excited every time it was her turn to shout "Uno!" With more time on our hands since fall semester ended, Ben and I have gotten the chance to play more board and card games. Though they can get repetitive at times, I find them more engaging and usefully interactive, especially at family parties. Needless to say, an Uno deck has excited me more lately than it has my whole life. 

Later that day, I decided to turn our free afternoon into a movie date! Ben & I used to go on movie dates all the time, but after realizing how really expensive they were, we have since been watching more movies online or on Netflix. I love Amy Poehler in Parks & Recreation, so I knew I had to see Sisters. I didn't really have any expectations having only seen the trailer once or twice, so it didn't disappoint. While it wasn't the funniest movie I had ever seen (and trust me, I laugh at anything), there were some "lol" parts. The bloopers at the end were especially so. 

To end our night around 8 PM, we decided to have Thai food at a place close to Ben's house. It didn't disappoint! My yellow chicken curry was so so soooo good, and Ben thoroughly enjoyed his BBQ chicken. Our only complaint was that rice was extra. We decide that next time we would take our food to go instead and eat it with rice from home.

Since things have hit a sort of rough patch these past couple of days, I am grateful for the time Ben and I get to spend together, relaxing and eating our weight in oily Asian food. It is so nice to be back at home and not worry how much an Uber would cost to get to our local mall or have concern about our well-being walking in a parking lot after dark. Though there are moments where I am excited to return to school, nothing beats the relaxation and tranquility of home. 

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