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January 4, 2016: Welcome!

By 5:44 PM

Hello, lovely readers!
We are Ben and Angeline, two smitten high school sweethearts currently sophomores at the University of Southern California.
Over these past two years and forward, love has led us on the journey of many triumphs and trials, highs and lows, adventures and missteps. I realized that I simply couldn't limit my sharing of these fleeting times (whether they are happy, sad, sunny, rainy, fast, slow) to a mere Instagram post with a 50-character caption or a Facebook album of 167 photos. 

What we hope to create here for you and for ourselves is an archive - one of ootd's, thoughts, foodscapades,  Disneyland tips, LA grub, dates, family love, cutesy couple poses, opinions, and, most of all, precious, fleeting moments of our daily lives. No one is perfect, so in documenting our lives, we hope to share with you the growth of our relationship and take you, the reader, on our adventures.

 P.S. Since leaving high school, my writing has sadly consisted of 11 PM papers on the predominance of suicide in Japan or hurried reflections in a preschool classroom. The point is, forgive me if I'm a little rusty in my wording - hopefully, my colloquialism and thesaurus.com-using isn't too cringeworthy for now. 

Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope you look forward to our posts. :*

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