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January 16, 2016: Day 1's Disney Trip

By 9:44 PM


This past Saturday, I finally made it to Disney with my best friends, Kathleen & Melanie. We'd been talking about going for the past couple of years, but since Melanie's attending school in San Francisco, it's hard trying to pinpoint our intersecting free time. Luckily, Melanie has a couple more weeks of break than we do, and Kathleen & I go to school in the LA area.

We left the house around 10 AM, after a few failed attempts at Camille's hoverboard. I was surprised that the Mickey & Friends lot was open! We rode Matterhorn, and my MU hat ended up flying off on the ride. :( Kathleen and I stopped for corn dogs at Stage Door Cafe. We met Ben, who had rowing practice earlier that day, around 1 and purchased a Matterhorn Macaroon and a Salted Caramel Mickey Macaron from Jolly Holiday Bakery. Indiana Jones was next on our list. When we crossed over, we rode Screamin'. We drew Minnie at Animation Academy. Melanie was dying watching the Mad Tea Party band.  We ate at Cove Bar and Marielle's drink was a bunch of hard liquor with "some blue shit". Ben really wanted a chimichanga. Ben's butt moves funny when he speed walk races Melanie. Melanie likes to imitate duck walks. It was my first time watching the Disneyland Forever Fireworks! I wanted to cry. We made it to our 9-10 PM fastpasses at HyperSpace Mountain (and even snuck Ben in with us). We hit a few little kid rides - Peter Pan, Pinocchio, and Small World. My feet were killing me because I was dumb and wore my black high heeled boots.


Sorry, I know that was so choppy. Overall, it was such a fun day. It's nice to go to Disney for the whole day once in a while and with new people - it just creates a different experience. Plus, anything that comes out of Kathleen and Melanie's mouth just makes me die, even if we do just scroll through Instagram and talk shit about people 80% of the time. ^-^

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